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ok no but imagine gay cowboys that aren’t “sad about bein gay” cowboys blushing w/ boots going ”i want u to be my partner, partner” “but i AM your partner, partner” “no but like i want you t be my partner partner, partner” “*low whistle* *tips brim of hat to cover blush* well howdy doody” “is that a yeS??? ??” 



I said I wouldn’t do any Night Vale fanart. Let’s be honest, we all knew that was a big fat ol’ lie. It’s been so long since I drew anything I felt proud of — hey, I’ll take it.

I love every interpretation of our host Cecil Baldwin and the other Night Vale regulars that I’ve seen so far, and more than that, I love that the invitation to interpret is totally open. I love that they’re all a little (or wildly) different. I love that, with no prompting, the fandom has given Cecil a third eye and sentient tattoos. I love how unapologetically weird the whole thing is.

I saw someone’s fancast for Cecil was Danny Pudi, and it felt so right. What’s he drinking? You know it ain’t coffee.

I didn’t watermark this, so please be cool and don’t post this without credit. I appreciate it!


Carlos sits Cecil down for a full-scale exam For Science, starting with that lovely (alleged) third eye.

Even I think my Carlos is hot, but then, I have a terrific weakness for dark-haired dudes going gray at the temples.


The Cecil to accompany my friend Maria’s Carlos! She said she imagined Cecil as an Asian guy, maybe kind of chubby from all the government-mandated pizza. I’m sort of in love with the idea of a heavy Cecil (and/or a heavy Carlos), so I may have to do a full-body version eventually.

This is modeled on my friend Keoki, who was a really good sport about it.


The smile that enchanted Cecil Baldwin!

My friend mariareadsalot, who is a big fan of scifi/fantasy literature and Welcome to Night Vale, said she imagined Carlos as an Afro-Latino babe, which is cute because she is herself an Afro-Latina babe. I’m gonna try to draw her Cecil, too, because it’s way cute.


Another little Cecil, regarding something (or everything) with some skepticism.


Cecil and Carlos cozy up, featuring their anniversary timepiece (a WeWOOD, as I think is Carlos’ style).

This is inspired by Jen Mundy's work (don't look right away, or mine will look like twelve times poop comparatively). I realize I have a long way to go before I can do what I want to do, but I feel like I'm doing okay for not having a tablet. It's busy but cozy.


Just a reminder that you can get yourself a very nice 8”x10” print of this (sans watermark) if you like!

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